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Monday, August 12, 2013

RE: #Zoot Compressrx Ultra Tri Short, Black, 5

#Zoot Compressrx Ultra Tri Short, Black, 5
Zoot Compressrx Ultra Tri Short, Black, 5

  • 70% Polypropylene 30% Spandex
  • When everything counts, this tri short delivers. With the perfect amount of compression and the plushest pad around, this short is certain to get you through T2 feeling great!
  • Machine wash cold, Gentle cycle, No softeners, Dry Flat, Do not bleach, Do not dryclean

Zoot Compressrx Ultra Tri Short, Black, 5
Zoot Compressrx Ultra Tri Short, Black, 5

lontong : Zoot
Available from :5

Make no mistake about it, no matter what kind of shape that you're in, a triathlon will test your conditioning. Basically, you need to utilize every advantage at your disposal, and if you're not racing and training in compression shorts, you're completely missing the mark. With the Zoot Ultra CompressRx Tri Shorts, your output will be more consistent, and your recovery will be shorter. They're compression at its finest. Now, we know that the term 'compression' is thrown around rather loosely within the industry, but there are a handful of true compression-driven designers out there, with one of the foremost being Zoot. Accordingly, you'll find that the pieces like the Ultra CompressRx Tri Shorts are actually close to medical grade. In fact, prescription grade compression pressures run from 25mmHg and up, while the Ultra pressures ranging from 18 to 25mmHg. How is this possible from a sports piece? Well, to start, the Ultra uses a 30 x 17 compression level, and 280 gram denier that specifically targets the muscle groups used in endurance exercise. So, according to Zoot's graduated compression ideology, each group, or zone, of compression work to stabilize the core areas of exertion within the legs. Effectively, this improves blood flow to the heart by accelerating the circulation. These core principle encompass what Zoot calls its ZoneRx and CRx graduated designs. Of course, maximizing circulation is vital to both long, top-output exertions and recovery. But, we've found that most compression pieces are lacking is the field of muscle support. Over a run or ride, your muscles are constantly under assault from the detrimental effects of road or impact vibration. Over time, this variable will cause major muscle fatigue. So, to minimize this effect, the Ultra Zoot's proprioception paneling. That's a big word, we know, so let's break it down.


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